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The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada is a federation of 11 provincial and regional associations of property and casualty insurance brokers. Through its member associations, the IBAC represents approximately 36,000 insurance brokers in virtually every community across the country. Similarly, the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba is an organization representing approximately 2,000 broker members from all communities across our province. The Association's efforts – always with the best interests of consumers in mind and speaking with a collective voice as the insurance authority in Manitoba – is to ensure that insurance brokers remain the primary provider of insurance services in Manitoba.

IBAM's five core pillars of responsibility & activity are:

  1. political/government relations including relations with elected and unelected "politicals" and regulatory authorities

    1. including facilitating the national and local BIPs (broker identity programs)

  2. insurer relations including both local and national interests

  3. issues concerning advancement of broker interests in the broader public domain

  4. professional development and educational requirements, with general and strategic assistance in recruitment, hiring and retention

  5. membership services - providing general informational, administrative, conference, trade show & meeting services through regular interaction with members

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